“Milwaukee m12 fuel” offers one touch area calculation along with several other useful functions like indirect height measurement through pythagorean function etc.

  • Bosch Blaze Pro GLM165-40:This model from Bosch offers extreme accuracy even in long distance measurements, thanks to its laser technology. It offers the user a 165-foot range and has an easy-to-read color display. Additionally, it can store up to ten measurements for quick reference.
  • Overall, these are some of the top laser tape measures on the market today. They each have their own unique features and capabilities, so be sure to choose one that meets your specific needs and requirements.


    In conclusion, laser tape measures are a game changer in the world of measurement. They offer a quick and accurate way to measure distances, areas, volumes, and angles with ease. Unlike traditional tape measures that require two persons to take measurements for longer distances or heights or where accuracy can be affected by human error.

    These devices use advanced technology such as laser beams and sensors to calculate precise measurements within seconds. They come equipped with various features such as Bluetooth connectivity, multiple measurement modes (including Pythagorean theorem), backlit displays for easier reading in low light conditions, memory function enabling storage of previous readings and easy recall without loss of data among other smart features that make them more user-friendly.

    Laser tape measures come in different sizes ranging from pocket-sized models perfect for DIY enthusiasts or home users who only need basic measurements to professional-grade models designed for construction workers, architects or surveyors who need high accuracy over long ranges.

    While they may seem expensive compared to traditional tape measures initially but their durability coupled with their ability makes them cost-effective on the long run since they eliminate rework caused by inaccurate measurements.

    Therefore if you’re looking for an efficient way of taking accurate measurements easily and quickly then giving Laser Tape Measure a try should be on your list..


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